Mobilitas Mobility Sphere

Mobilitas Mobility Sphere


Trigger Point Self Treatment

The Mobilitas Mobility Sphere is a larger myofascial release ball that allows you to get deeper into target muscles to release trigger points and speed up muscle recovery.  Designed to be larger than a soft ball to reach muscles that lacrosse balls and foam rollers have a hard time reaching ensuring trigger point self treatment.  Less than half a pound and very firm, this durable mobility tool travels easily to smooth out tight muscles anywhere.

  • 5 Inch Diameter, To Release Hard to Reach Muscles; such as Muscles in the Shoulders, Core and Legs
  • Very Firm Density to Penetrate Deeper into Target Muscles and Soft Tissues
  • Surface Pattern Adds Slight Grip to the Surface to Stay Put When Foam Rolling
  • Lightweight and Portable, Weighs Less than Half a Pound and Travels Anywhere
  • Made of Easy to Clean EVA Foam; free of chlorides, phenols, heavy metals, latex and all toxics.
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Mobilitas Mobility Sphere Dimensions: 5 inch Diameter

Weight: 0.4lb

The larger size of the Mobility Sphere allows you to do your mobility training against any surface, making rolling out your muscles on the wall significantly easier.  This myofascial release ball won't drop while rolling out your shoulders, chest or traps as easily as smaller lacrosse balls do.

We've noticed that one major issue from other larger myofascial release balls is that they split apart over time.  This happens when the product is made from 2 or more pieces of foam.  That's why we designed your Mobility Sphere from one piece of EVA foam.  So that it won't break apart with repeated use and will keep its density for every session of your mobility training. 

Because it's extremely lightweight and durable, it can relieve muscle soreness anywhere you take it.  Whether you are warming up your muscles in the gym before your sets, or in the office relieving tension in your hip flexors from extended sitting.  You can take your myofascial release ball with you anywhere you need to maintain healthy muscles.

The larger curved surface allows to get deeper into muscle tissues where broad, flat myofascial release tools wont reach.  Breaking up sticky soft tissues of the stomach, isolating each muscle of the hamstrings, getting deeper underneath the shoulders to restore shoulder range of motion.  A larger curved surface makes this myofascial release ball you're go to tool to improve performance and recover faster.

One of your Essential Myofascial Release Tools for Shoulder and Releasing Trigger Points in your Traps, Stomach, Hip Flexors, Chest, Hamstrings and Back

Mobility Ball Reviews:

Great for Releasing Deep Muscle Soreness

Awesome! As someone who works out 5-6 days a week and sits in a chair 60hrs+ a week for work, it’s safe to say that there are parts of my body that get sore from time to time for one reason or another.

I picked up this ball a few weeks ago, and even after the first time of using it on my lower back I was able to feel a dramatic difference. Since then, I’ve been using it on and off after my workouts or a long day, and I cannot preach enough about its benefits - this thing is the real deal! It’s light weight, durable, but very firm and it does a great job of targeting deep into the muscles I’m massaging.

In the past I’ve used either a lacrosse ball or a foam roller to target sore muscles, and though they worked fairly well, the size of this ball manages to find the perfect balance between both of those mobility/massage options. Using this ball will definitely be a part of my daily regimen moving forward!
— Amazon Customer, Verified Purchase
This is Amazing!

I didn’t think anything could get better into my hamstrings and glutes than the foam roller and lacrosse ball...but this does!
The size is better for getting the places that are deeper, and the ball is just way better at rolling in all directions than the foam roller... into the hard to get areas of the glutes, and hamstrings, and the size makes it a less sharp on the psoas muscle than a smaller ball.
— Kimberly, Amazon Verified Customer
This has helped relieve leg pain that I’ve been struggling with for several months. I tried foam rollers and other therapy balls but the balls were just too small to get deep into the tissue. This is the perfect size and density. So glad I decided to order it. It is now one of my most treasured therapy devices.
— Amazon Customer, Verified Purchase
it works great with a history of 2 major back surgeries

Rite out the box, it works great with a history of 2 major back surgeries, the mobility sphere ball helps reach areas in my lower back that it can only reach.I get a lot of relief, grips well, good solid material, I recommend it.
— Amazon Customer, Verified Purchase
No more pain no more aches

I do a very demanding sport. It’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu it takes a toll on your body and one of the ways I have kept my body moving is using these Mobilitas tools the most recent one is the mobility sphere/ball I’ve been able to target areas in my body that I normally wouldn’t be able to get with a foam roller this product has done wonders for me the size and the firmness is perfect and the best thing it hardly weighs anything. I have recommended this product to all of my friends. Great work Mobilitas
— Emanuel, Amazon Verified Customer
This is an amazing product!!! I loved and would recommend this over a lacrosse ball any day. This is a must have in any gym bag.
— Eddie, Amazon Verified Customer