Mobilitas Mobility Peanut

Mobilitas Mobility Peanut


Trigger Therapy Peanut

The Mobilitas Mobility Peanut is a deep tissue double mobility ball for the athlete used to sport taping two lacrosse balls together.  Designed to be one of your more durable myofascial release tools, your mobility peanut does not require assembly, won't break down or fall apart and sanitizes easily. Very easily used for upper back knots.

  • Made of High Grade Silicone Rubber for Extra Durability
  • Very Firm Density to Penetrate Deeper into the Muscles and Soft Tissues  - (Similar Density to Two Lacrosse Balls)
  • More Grip on its Surface to Tack to the Skin and Stay Put During Your Foam Rolling
  • Cleans and Sanitizes Easily After Each Mobility Training
  • Lightweight and Portable, Weighs Less than a Pound and Travels Anywhere
  • Perfect For Neck and Upper Back Pain


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Mobilitas Mobility Peanut Dimensions: 5in x 2.5in x 2.5in

Weight: 0.7lb

Foam Roller For Shoulder, The benefit of the spacing in the middle of your mobility ball allows you to target the muscles that border the spine and neck better than your flatter myofascial release tools.  The double pinpoint is also good to target 2 muscles at the same time which will help better open up tight muscles in the forearms, hip flexors, calves, biceps & triceps.

The Tool To Lose Upper Back Knots

With your Mobility Peanut you don't have to make and remake your favorite mobility ball anymore.  No more sport tapping lacrosse balls together, no more tennis balls in socks.  The Mobility Peanut will always maintains it's shape, won't slip away when using it and cleans incredibly easy.  A sanitizing wipe is all it takes after you've finished your mobility training.

Because it's lightweight and durable, it can relieve muscle soreness on the go.  You can take your mobility ball with you when you travel, hike or workout anywhere.  You could even take your mobility peanut in the sauna or hot tub for a deeper heated muscle relief therapy, it's that durable.

What makes our double lacrosse ball unique is the slight grip to the surface.  Unlike sport tapped lacrosse balls that can have a slicker surface and slide off the skin, The Mobility Peanut will stay in place while foam rolling your tight muscles and can also tack to the skin if working on unsticking the connective tissue just below the skin's surface. This can provide a deeper muscle release on the targeted muscle when added to your mobility training. 

One of your Essential Myofascial Release Tools for Upper Back Knots Mobility and Releasing Trigger Points in your Neck, Hip Flexors, Legs and Arms

Mobility Ball Reviews:

I absolutely love this product!

I absolutely love this product! It has worked out some knots in my back and even helped with the pain in my elbow that I’ve suffered from for a few months! Highly recommend!
— "Zebracious", Amazon Verified Purchase

For the past few years I suffered from chronic hip/low back pain, sciatica. Wasted so much time and $$ in our pathetic “healthcare” cesspool. I had my Mobilitas for a couple of weeks but hadn’t really used it other than rolling my hip against the wall. Then I read the article “Why stretching is the most important thing you’re not doing,” in the November 2015 Oprah magazine. It quoted David Reavy, founder of React Physical Therapy in Chicago, and he had “five stretches every woman should be doing.” GREAT article. Two of the exercises required “two lacrosse balls taped together.” I did the first exercise with my Mobilitas and was amazed. At first I thought it was too painful to proceed but I stayed with it and slowly I could feel my back/hip/leg release. I immediately felt 60 percent better. I did the exercises again today and I’m at 80 percent. I wish I heard of Mobilitas and Reavy 2.5 years ago. My issue was tight hip flexors. I’m really mad that the “professionals” I went to didn’t know about muscle release. Some day I will travel to Chicago and book an appointment at React. That one article has changed my life. I am packing for a trip and my Mobilitas is already in my suitcase. I will not leave home without it.
— Michele, Amazon Verified Purchase
Excellent Product! Superlative Customer Service!

The mobility peanut is very, very effective. It immediately helped relieve my wife’s sciatica pain! I am most impressed by this company’s customer service - they immediately reached out to make sure I received it and several enqueries if it was fulfilling my needs. Surely the best company I have ever dealt with in that regard. I notice on some reviews on many products, people are compensated for their review. This review is not - I am just very pleased with the product and the service!
— Ken Hunt, Amazon Verified Purchase
Essential equipment for runners and weight lifters

This is an essential piece of equipment for anybody who runs or works out. The single lacrosse ball is great but only this can work out kinks on both sides of your spine. It’s also wonderful for resting under the back of your thigh to hit the sciatic nerve. Highly recommend
— "ObsessiveReader", Amazon Verified Purchase
Love the Mobilitas Mobility Peanut

Th Mobility peanut is wonderful in myofascial release of my muscles in arms, calf and shoulder, ect. I actively take kickboxing and bodypump classes at the gym...I was using a single lacrosse ball for myofascial release and when I saw the peanut online, I decided to give it a try. This peanut really makes a difference. It is durable with just the right amount of firmness and density & softness. You can tell the product is well made. Has matte rubber finish to it so it’s not slippery like a lacrosse ball. Comes with a handy little photo pamphlet to show you how to use the peanut. The company phoned me to followup on the delivery and ask if I had questions and my opinions on the product. I appreciated the call and I highly recommend the Mobilitas Mobility Peanut for anyone that needs myofascial release. My husband is using it too..This peanut works! They have excellent customer service.
— C. C., Amazon Verified Purchase