Mobilitas Mobility Kit

Mobilitas Mobility Kit

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Myofascial Therapy Foam Roller Kit

The Mobilitas Mobility Kit is a complete starter set of myofascial release tools that help athletes reduce muscle tension and keep the body moving freely.  Each mobility tool has a specific functionality and by combining all 3 of our Mobilitas products, you now have all the mobility tools you need to perform maintenance on every area of the body.  

  • All 3 of our Essential Mobility Products; Mobility Peanut, Mobility Sphere and Eco Foam Roller
  • Comes with a Durable, Heat Resistant Gym Bag to Carry Your Mobility Tools With You on the Go
  • Each Product has Grip to the Surface to Better Stay Put During Your Mobility Training
  • Instructional Videos on How to Better Use Your Mobility Tools Available on our Website and Facebook Community
  • All Orders Backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


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3 Special Tools, 1 Complete Kit - Each Designed to Better Maintain Your Body  

The Mobility Peanut allows you to target the muscles that border the spine and neck better than the flat broad surface of your other myofascial release tools.  The double pinpoint is also good to target 2 muscles at once which help better open up tight muscles of the forearms, hip flexors, calves and upper arms.

The Mobility Sphere's larger curved surface allows you to get deeper into muscles tissues where other mobility tools won't reach.  Breaking up the sticky soft tissues stomach and obliques,  around the shoulders and traps, isolating the hamstrings and deep into glutes to reach the piriformis.  The larger surface area also makes it easier to do your mobility training against any surface.  Rolling out your body on the wall is significantly easier with the round multi-directional surface and won't drop as easier as smaller mobility balls do. 

The Eco Foam Roller upgrades the traditional foam roller due to its feel and special "Snakeskin" surface design.  The surface texture gives an extra layer of comfort and durability preventing the flaking and chipping that you'll find with traditional foam rollers, while also preventing your massage roller from sliding off of your body.  The broad flat surface of the Eco Foam Roller helps smooth out the larger muscles of the body covering more surface area than your other mobility tools.  We find that your mobility training usually starts with your massage roller and then moves on to your other myofascial release tools as needed.

Your Mobilitas Mobility Kit also comes with a durable, heat resistant gym carry bag for you to transport your myofascial release tools with you to your gym, work or sporting event.  Made of high grade, heat resistant polypropylene, it has breathable mesh to prevent bacteria from growing if your mobility tools are sweaty from use, and it's easy to clean.

To better help you use your mobility tools we have over 40 minutes of instructional videos available to you along with our active Facebook community where we are adding new videos and content every week.

Myofascial Release Tools Reviews

Buy the bundle and save. Each tool is an absolute winner!

I bought each of these Mobilitas products separately and I so wish I would have bought them bundled this way because this is such a great deal. Would make an awesome gift for sure. Each of these tools are unique and I am constantly reaching for one or the other based on the specific need. The quality from Mobilitas is fantastic. The foam roller specifically has held up so much better than previous ones I have used. The peanut is my go to baby for my back and the sphere is the one I grab when I need to get into one specific side like one hip flexor that needs attention. What’s great about these products is that they come with an instructional PDF guide AND instructional videos. The videos on yourjointsshouldnthurt are invaluable for showing you in detail how to do these exercises and the science behind why myofascial release works to keep you pain free. Pictures are OK but these videos are super helpful for me to learn the correct way of performing the exercise as well as suggestions on which tool is best to use.
— C. Rossman, Amazon Verified Customer