Mobilitas Eco Foam Roller

Mobilitas Eco Foam Roller


Eco Friendly Foam Muscle Roller

The Mobilitas Eco Foam Roller is a luxurious upgrade to the traditional self massage roller due to it's unique surface pattern and slight surface compression.  For the active person that prefers a firm and compact foam roller that doesn't bruise your nerve endings and stays put where you need it during your mobility training.

  • Very Firm and Dense, with Slight Give to the Surface and a Strong Core for Effective Mobility Training
  • Snakeskin Pattern Design for Extra Durability and Grip so Won't "Squirt" Away While Rolling, Won't Flake or Chip
  • Compact Size at 18 Inches for easy storage and transport
  • Made with Recyclable EVA Foam, Considered More Eco Friendly than Traditional Foam Rollers
  • Free of chlorides, phenols, heavy metals, latex and all toxics.
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Mobilitas Eco Foam Roller Dimensions: 18 in x 6 in

Weight: 0.9lb

Foam Roller Stretches

Using a foam roller helps to heal the soft tissues of the body by breaking down and smoothing scar tissue,increasing blood flow, restoring the connective tissue of the body (fascia) and reducing joint pain by relaxing tight muscles. 

The Mobilitas Eco Foam Roller upgrades the traditional foam roller due to its feel and special "Snakeskin" surface design.  The surface texture gives an extra layer of comfort and durability preventing the flaking and chipping that you'll find with traditional foam rollers, while also preventing your massage roller from sliding off of your body.

Research has shown that muscles do well with firm compression, but can can be exposed to too much pressure potentially bruising the nerve endings.  That's why we designed our massage roller with a firm core at its center with and gave it a little bit of give on its surface.  Our foam roller is still very firm and effective, but not unapproachable.

When it comes to the length of our Eco Foam Roller.  We've found that the 18 inch length is the sweetspot for storage and travel as well has having enough length to target every area of the body.  Not too long and not too short.  The perfect size for what your body needs regardless of body size for foam roller stretches. 

We've dubbed our foam roller "Eco" because it's made from recyclable EVA foam which is considered to be friendlier on the environment vs. traditional foam rollers made from EPP foam (the particle foam you may have seen before)

The broad flat surface of the Eco Foam Roller helps smooth out the larger muscles of the body covering more surface area than your other mobility tools.  We find that your mobility training usually starts with your massage roller and then moves on to your other myofascial release tools as needed.   If you only get one mobility tool, we recommend starting with The Eco Foam Roller.

One of your Essential Myofascial Release Tools for Releasing Trigger Points in Just About Every Muscle of the Body, Foam Roller Exercises For Back

Massage Roller Reviews

Great roller and customer service

Great customer service. Ordered the 18 inch by mistake and discovered they do not yet make a 36 inch roller. To my surprise Mobiltas told me to keep the 18 inch and also emailed me various exercises to use with it. How considerate and kind. When I received the roller, it was as described and made of sturdy, dense material, not too hard for me, but I have used rollers in the past. Very well made. Will definitely want to order from this company again.
— Bywron, Amazon Verified Customer
Very firm! Roller works very well at reducing muscle stress. Also very nice looking.
— Halina D., Amazon Verified Purchase

The 18” length is the perfect size for relaxing the lower, middle and upper back. I have used it regularly to provide relaxation after I row. Well-made piece of equipment.
— Leonidas, Amazon Verified Purchase
Best facial roller out there

This is a great improvement over the fascial release rollers we have in our gym.
The San Diego Rowing Club has two and they are used constantly. Also the Hanover high school rowing coach in Hanover New Hampshire uses them in their program. It is firmer and better made. Plus it is Eco friendly to boot.
— Merrill Residence, Amazon Verified Customer
I love the material it’s made out of, it’s not the styrofoam stuff that others are made out of. The size is perfect for me as a 5’10 male at 195lbs the density is just right. Good find!
— Amazon Customer, Verified Purchase
Five Stars

Best foam roller I ever had
— Amazon Customer, Verified Purchase