How To Use Your Mobility Tools?

- place tool on the muscle you want to open

- move tool up and down muscle until find a trouble spot

- allow body weight to sink onto the mobility tool

- stay until feel release: aprox 30-120 sec

- move tool slowly to the next trouble spot

- move to another tight muscle group and repeat

- spend 10-15 minutes a day minimum on mobility training

"Seek and Destroy" Muscle Knots


Why Does it Work?

Self-Myo Fascial Release: Basically a self massage.  By adding pressure to the muscles you start a golgi tendon response which relays to the brain and nerves to relax the muscle experiencing pressure.  

You want to experience a change in the tension or muscle pain with each mobility session.  To help Restore range of motion in the muscle fibers, sometimes deep pressure is needed to get into the deeper tissues and connective tissue (fascia).  Looking at the picture on the right you can see how thick muscles can be.  

Getting good deep pressure can affect change on its own, lengthening and shortening the muscle while adding pressure to it can be even better.

Be sure to breathe through the pain...It Hurts so good


When To Use your Mobility Tools

Spending a few minutes daily to work on opening your muscles can reduce joint pain significantly.

Since it increases blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, mobility training ca be done:

warm up, Pre-workout

post workout

When you wake in the morning to your day started

Gently before bed to prepare you for sleep

Ideally you'll want to spend at least 10-15 minutes choosing 3-4 areas to mobilize at a time

This is your new routine maintenence.  You know the benefits of brushing and flossing your teeth daily.  Mobility Training is the "brushing and flossing" of your muscles.

 Approach daily