Mobility Peanut FAQ

Q: Whats the density like?

A: Has the density of hard rubber.  Very firm, similar density t0 a lacrosse ball.

Q: What are the dimensions? How heavy is it?

A: Mobility Peanut is 5in x 2.5 in x 2.5in and weighs under 1lb

Q: Does it come with a booklet or manual?

A: Yes, there is a How To Use guide and suggested photos showing how to use the Mobility Peanut

Q: What material is it made from?

A: High density rubber, can withstand a lot of abuse and keep its shape.  It's latex free, incredibly durable and easy to clean

Q: How do I use it to get good pressure on my muscles?

A: Can Try 2 ways:

1 - Put the peanut on the floor and adjust to on muscles you want to mobilize, lay down on the peanut and allow gravity to sink your body weight into the muscles until you feel a change.

2 -  Place peanut against a wall, and add body weight pressure between you and the peanut on areas you want relief.  This way you can roll your body over the product, and simulate a massage easier than laying on the floor