14 Dynamic warm ups for exercise


To prepare the body for exercise or competition, warming up the muscles and soft tissues of the body through dynamic movements and myofascial release has been shown to be the most effective vs. the basic static stretching we were told.  For those of you who don’t know, dynamic movements are simply exercises that incorporate movements while you stretch..you’ll see what I mean in the examples below.  

This is especially true if your sport includes running or jumping performance.

“static stretching as part of a warm-up immediately prior to exercise has been shown detrimental to dynamometer-measured muscle strength 1929 and performance in running and jumping.3039The loss of strength resulting from acute static stretching has been termed, “stretch-induced strength loss.”3 “  - Phil Page, PT, PhD, ATC, CSCS, FACSM in his article for the International Journal of Sports Therapy


This was shown to be especially true when static stretches were held for longer than 30-60 seconds before the workout.

So, a good warm up approach, for a majority of activities, will include a combination of foam rolling, dynamic movements and very short duration static stretching lasting 15-30 seconds.

Incorporating these 15 Dynamic warm ups for exercise along with some stability and mobility drills in your warm up routine can help you perform better and reduce your chance of injury whether hitting the weights or hitting the field.  

To Keep this simple we will list the exercises here along with a 8 Minute Video doing the entire 14 dynamic warm up routine

Foam Rolling:

IT/TFL (Roller)

Quads (Roller)

Hip Flexor (Sphere)

Adductors (Roller / Sphere)

Lats (Roller)

T-Spine/Shoulder Blades (Peanut)

Stretches And Movements:

Hip Circles

90/90 – 15 Seconds

Warrior Lunge – 15 Seconds

Bird Dogs – 8

Scap Pushups - 15

Shoulder Circles – 8

Mountain Climbers – 8

Lunge With Twist – 12



Foam Rolling:

IT/TFL (roller)

























Quads (roller)












Hip Flexor (sphere)














Adductors (roller / sphere)













Lats (roller)












T-spine/shoulder blades (peanut)










Stretches and movements:

Hip Circles (clockwise & Counterclockwise)






















90/90 – 15 seconds










Warrior lunge – 15 seconds

















Bird dogs – 8 reps

















Scap pushups - 15 Reps

















Shoulder circles – 8 Reps
















Mountain climbers w/ 2 variations – 8 Reps















Mountain climbers w/ 2 variations – 8 Reps























Add these 14 dynamic warmups for exercise before your training and you'll feel a difference in how you perform without injury.  Do you have any favorite dynamic warm ups that aren't listed here?