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The Best Mobility Tools need The Best Information on how to use them, directly implementing myofascial release therapy. We understand that when you first buy a product, learning to use them may not come natural and sometimes there’s not enough room in the packaging to include through instructions learn to lose upper back knots.

To get the most out of your new mobility products, we’ve broken down the instructions into 3 easy steps; 

1 - The Basics;

2 - Why It Works

3 - How To Use

If you are new to foam rolling and myofascial release then get started with The Basics.


The Mobilitas Mobility Tools are designed to be battle tested, durable additions to your workout recovery and personal maintenance routines especially effective myofascial release therapy.  

It all began with the intent of making no nonsense, effective mobility tools and that remains our primary focus.  Our Mission is clear; to make “The Best Mobility Tools on the Planet” and we invite you to try our products and let us know if we’ve hit our target and how we can improve.  Creative destruction is in our DNA.



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